Frequently Asked Questions

>> I have forgotten my password!
>> The "forgotten password" link returns an email with a blank password!
>> How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account by logging in and then going to "My Account", there is a link at the bottom. This process is TOTALLY IRREVERSIBLE, so please think about it twice before deleting your profile. Your pictures, comments, messages and forum posts will be deleted as well.
>> I did not receive my activation mail!
>> What browser should I use to view the site?
>> I have a problem, can I contact the webmaster?
>> I have uploaded an image, why isn't it showing? Why did you reject my image?
>> Is the service completely FREE? No hidden fees whatsoever?
>> How do you make money for the hosting costs then?
We pay our hosting with ad revenue from the ads you can see in the right column!
>> Do you offer a dating service?
Our website does offer a way to contact other members, but bear in mind that this is a picture rating community! You should try visiting our dating and cyber sex portal: NetGasmic , it's much more suited to your needs!




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